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Do work: Buck Farlow

If you ask my wife, she will tell you I’m a yuge fan of t-shirts. I was pretty excited when a package from America arrived for me the other day. My wife sent out some t’s and other odds that I meant to pack for Japan. One of the t’s that arrived was from my cousin Jason. He owns a screen printing company and dabbles a bit with his own with his own designs when he isn’t cranking out orders. This design references a hill that he trains (for triathlons) on, Barlow. It seems to be well known in the triathlon training groups in Madison, Wisconsin and everyone says the same thing, Buck Farlow. Anyway, it is a rad shirt and super comfy for fitness. So comfy, I wore it today while doing some cleans, push presses and kettle bell swings. I forgot my video recording device and had to settle for a selfie to show off the shirt.

Do work.


2 rounds

x10 sit-ups

x10 squats

x10 push-ups

x2 barbell complex


x10 drop squats


x3 @115

x3 @135

x3 @135

x2 @155

x2 @165

x2 @185

x1 @185

x2 @165

Push press

5 @115

5×3 @125

Front squat

5×5 @135

Kettlebell swing

4×15 @70lbs


Daily Quickie: Cheese Curds in Japan!

Nothing says delicious like cheese curds. I made them a road trip snack while I was adventuring thought the northern part of the Midwest during early September of this year (2017). I was cruising over to the bar to wet my whistle, and decided to stop at the mini mart to grab some hydration before I partook in some libations. No shit, staring me in the face as I walked in, we’re some cheese curds from Wisconsin. I was blown away and was not expecting to see such a wondrous sight. I snagged a pack and went on my way. They will make the perfect late night snack.