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Do Work: 9 DEC 17

To day was part three of the core circuit. I found myself getting into a groove while going through the motions. It is the same as the one on the 7th, but with one more exercise added. At the end, I added in some kettlebell swings for good measure. I was gassed and almost threw up during the last round. I’ll stick with this workout for the next 3 weeks or so, doing it every other day. The next time I do this, I’ll start back with the day one workout. Do work.


3 rounds

X10 push-ups

x10 squats

x10 sit-ups


3 rounds

x10 overhead barbell (or dumbbell) lunges

x10 slash-to-halo (or back extensions with weight)

x10 bus driver rotations (use landmine)

x10 single arm ab squat (use landmine)

x10 single arm lift and twist (use landmine)

x10 push-ups with row

x10 inverted row

x10 single arm static dumbbell curl

x15 push-ups

x6 single leg deadlift

3×15 Kettlebell swing