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Do Work: 2 DEC 17

I wrote a post little over a year ago about what my goal was when it came to fitness. Not having a goal didn't give me a direction in my workouts. Since arriving in Japan, the goal has been consistency.... Continue Reading →

Daily Quickie: Camp Axe

During my first summer back to the U.P. in eight years (2014), I acquired some driftwood from Lake Superior. There were several pieces ranging from a twig to a log. I have slowly been using it for wood projects here... Continue Reading →

Daily Quickie: I hate hair in my face.

Everyone has one or two things that they just can't deal with. Mine is hair in the face. It comes in the form of my wife or daughter when hugs happen. If I am holding Kash or throwing her around... Continue Reading →

Daily Quickie: One Batch, Two Batch.

The past few days I've spent my free time watching the recently dropped Punisher: season 1 on the Netflix. Figure I would drop my thoughts on the first season. Before watching the season, I expected it to be a "slow... Continue Reading →

Daily quickie: Where my sammich makers at?

What happened to the good ol fashioned sandwich maker? It seems women now-a-days are getting on their soap box, wearing “pussy” hats and protesting (and seem to write books about it). I have a message for you, get back in... Continue Reading →

Family, meet the U.P. U.P. meet the Family Part 2: The Camp Experience

Life has been crazy the past couple of months. I finished up school at Great Lakes in Chicago, flew home to Virginia, then hit the road to visit family in Texas (I'll expand on that at a later date). There... Continue Reading →

Daily Quickie: The Reuniting of Mustaches Part 2

Sasebo Burger was delicious, better than most chain burgers I've tasted. While the goal was to check out a few more bars, it didn't pan out that way. Everyplace we kept going to was closed, most likely because it was... Continue Reading →

Family, meet the U.P. U.P. meet the Family. Part 1: Road Trip!

It was a Tuesday. The Sandwich maker, Hot Rod and I loaded up in the truck to pick up our girl from her dad’s house. I was re-enlisting later that morning and wanted the whole family to be there. While... Continue Reading →

Daily Quickie: The reuniting of mustaches: Part 1

After watching Alabama come-from-behind win against Mississippi State (I was hoping they would lose), I headed out to explore Sasebo. I grabbed some local food and a coffee, which were delicious, before I met up with my buddy Rusty. We... Continue Reading →

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