Do Work, Be Rad

What is Shorts and Sweatbands? It is a tribute to the original fitness generation. One built on sweatbands, knee high socks, converse, short shorts and just being radical! It’s John Mcenroe vs Bjorn Borg, Burt Reynolds smashing faces in the Longest Yard, Jackie Moon leading the Tropics, Arnold making weights sweat preparing for the Olympia, Lou Freaking Ferrigno, the Beastie Boys killing it at Madison Square Garden, MJ starting his legacy at UNC and Wilt Chamberlin throwing down a monster dunk. It’s showing people you don’t need the hardcore attire to do work in the gym. You might as well wear a skirt to the gym if you’re going to wear long shorts. They are basically the same thing, all floppy and sloppy and loose. You are there to get your pump on, not to walk a runway or win a damn beauty contest. You live through your effort and conviction, while showing the world you still know how to party. It’s working hard and playing hard, it’s taking back the gym from those pretty boys and returning it to the temple that is. It’s doing what the Rev said and refusing to walk that way. It’s fighting for your right, being intergalactic, and not sleeping til Brooklyn. Join the Shorts and Sweatband movement, become a part of the revolution for what was always right.

I wanted it to be a retro fitness apparel company. I would sell vintage-esque fitness shorts, radical sweatbands, and some t-shirts. Then I wanted add an online personal trainer aspect. I had learned a lot about how the body moves and functions and wanted to develop a way get people from couch to weigh lifting. IMG_1852.JPGThen I got distracted with life and lost focus on it. Then I went back to wanting to it an apparel company. I discovered I overwhelmed myself with so much excitement and ideas that I became burned out. I could develop it into those things, but for now it’s just a blog about a guy with a wife and kids. It’s nothing glamorous, but it won’t blow smoke up your ass and tell you you’re special (that job is reserved for mothers). It took me three-ish years to get here and figure all this out. Maybe it will be just some side hobby that creates funny money or maybe it will be a short-time project that evolves into something bigger. I will let it happen naturally.


Shorts and Sweatbands is my life’s adventure. It started with a sweatband during my 2013 deployment to Bahrain.  I was in the gym, doing work, and sweating like a whore in church.  I had worn a hat in the gym before, but wasn’t a fan of it anymore (mainly because everyone wears a hat, regular or snapback). I looked for something to control the awesomeness that poured from my forehead, got in my eyes and constantly annoyed me.

Where it all started

I picked up a sweatband at the exchange (military Wal-Mart) and haven’t looked back since. I started to invest in them, making sure I had enough for at least every day of the week. The guys would give me shit about them, but I didn’t care. I had my own drum to beat. I began to take it a step further, and made sure my shorts would show considerable thigh when working out. I had been issued a few pairs, but they had seen better days. I had to make sure my thighs could show in all their glory.  Let’s be real, it’s manly as hell, and the ladies love it (especially when they are hairy). They soon became my calling card, my niche. I enjoyed the fact that everyone was up in arms about them, as if wearing them is a crime. It’s only a crime when you don’t (look it up).



Do work, be rad.