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Billy F’n Joel

I am home, back with the wife and kids.  It was a long two months away, but everything is back to normal(ish).  We have done some family things like buy stuff from Target, eat some food, go to the botanical... Continue Reading →

The World is Ending: an adventure in things not going your way

We missed the train. The first part of our weekend in Chicago was ruined. The world began to crash down around us. The station didn’t have AC (it was hot, humid, and stuffy inside) and the next train wasn’t due... Continue Reading →

70 dollars for an UBER: a story of first world problems and meeting new people.

I haven’t put finger to Word in a while now. We took a sweet family vacation to the upper peninsula of Michigan a few weeks ago and now I am going to school up here in Great Lakes. I usually... Continue Reading →

The Whirlwind of Life: This old house, the grief it causes me, and the big news

I took the wife shooting a couple of weekends ago. It was her first time shooting a gun. While she was a little hesitant, she took instruction well and I was pleased with how she handled herself.  She didn’t particularly... Continue Reading →

An adventure, the devil, and great-grandma

This trip snuck up on us.  We had planned it a couple months out, and next thing you know it was here.  I almost wanted to break this story into two parts, but then I stopped being a little girl... Continue Reading →

The Whirlwind of Life: Hot Rod

This past weekend was a good and productive one.  I had a good friend come over and school me on a house repair I was new to.  There is a chimney that I need to knock down at the rear... Continue Reading →

What I learned from beating my kid at Candyland.

It’s a pleasant Saturday morning. The sandwich maker made me some bomb ass breakfast, then she took the girls to the farmer’s market while Hot Rod and I are holding down the fort. He has been as rambunctious as ever... Continue Reading →

Life is a Gray Area: Sometimes you need to remove the stick out of your butt and break the rules

It’s been a rather quiet week around Clemdog Manor, my daughter was at her dad’s house for spring break and I am finally feeling like myself again after being sick the week before with the crud.  My son has had all the... Continue Reading →

Socks with Sandals: the best type of footwear

Before last week, it felt like forever since I have really written anything. In reality, it had only been a couple of months. Regardless of how long it was, I felt the need to take a hiatus. I had become... Continue Reading →

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