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A few drinks in: Rally naps and massage chairs.

Merry Christmas! When it comes to holidays, booze is a must. Especially if you have annoying in-laws around. While my family celebrates in America, I am 14 hours in the future partying with friends. After I was picked up, we went t 7-eleven. The 7-elevens in Japan put the ones in America to shame. Food selection, booze, and service are all better than anything i have witnessed state side (except the ability to buy strike force energy at the counter). I snagged a fifth of whiskey for 1700 yen (roughly $17) and a whiskey mix in a can (9% alcohol). The whiskey can got me started and the bottle wasn’t bad on ice. After chowing down in some fried chicken, velveeta shells and cheese, and wontons, I was ready to crash. I was offered the use of a massage chair. It was the best idea anyone had ever had while having some adult beverages. 10 minuets in, and I was out. People were competing at Just Dance, while others were cracking jokes about the terrible dance moves. I could hear all of it. I also was enjoying having my eyes shut. My wife complains that I have old man tendencies. Having to nap mid-day is one of those. I took full advantage of the massage chair and took an old man/rally nap. It was the best decision of my day. I am a huge fan of these. Sometimes you need a quick 20 to get back in the game and hang. Sometimes though, you go down for the count. If there is enough commotion, a rally nap will get me through the day and night (depending on how early I begin to booze).

The massage chair was a great idea and loosened up my back and butt. It also help me relax to get the shut eye I needed. As soon as I came too (20 min later), I poured myself a whiskey-ginger and was back on the train. Time to whip some ass at Mario Kart.

Do Work: More ab circuit

After not getting it in much last week, I started of with day one of the ab circuit. I was jamming to DMX, Ke$ha, and Lil Jon. I plan on deadlifting tomorrow, and look forward to going heavy. After I got done, I snagged a salad and treated myself to an ice cream from Baskin Robbins. It was kinda healthy with its pistachios and almonds. I even added a warm macadamia nut cookie for giggles.

Check out my instagram (link below) to check out a little video I did for it.

If you want to see the workout, check out the link to an original Do Work post.

Do Work.

A few drinks in: Wannabe Hustler

I am changing the name of the Daily Quickie, which wasn’t really daily, to A few drinks in. I’m more than a few in now, and it seems like a good time to change things up. Prince is jamming on the jukebox and I’m losing terribly at pool. It been a long week at work, and the gym has been almost none existent in my daily routine (this week). When Europe began to play the Final countdown, I caught a booze wind, where I sunk 5 balls quick. It was then back to shotty play and missed opportunities. Since then, I’ve just been losing. Pool is not my specialty. I enjoy it, but hardly win (without fault of my opponent). I understand how the shots work, but my execution leaves a lot to be desired. I don’t go out of my way to get better, I usually play when I’ve had a few libations (current one is Jamo and ginger). Ill occasionally be legit and win a few games in a row, but it’s all dependent ok n the amount of booze I’ve had. I accept not because my great at pool. I enjoy the atmosphere, comradery and drinks.

Do work sessions to come.

Daily Quickie: Turkey is not a breakfast meat.

Whoever decided that introducing turkey to breakfast should be dragged out behind the wood shed and beat like Napoleon was whipped at Waterloo (or just the French in general). It is a disgrace to breakfast. Attempting to disguise it as “bacon” is an insult to America. If you want to eat turkey, save it for sandwiches and Thanksgiving. If you don’t want to eat bacon or sausage, don’t taint breakfast with your “I am being healthy” wannabe garbage. I have tried both turkey bacon and sausage. It’s disgusting. Don’t try and church it up. Just eat pork at breakfast. It has given us bacon, sausage, gravy and is patriotism in food form. So stop infiltrating the best meal of the day with a fake ass food. Eat bacon.