Do Work: My long lost friend, the Curtis P.

After a Christmas hiatus, drinks and laundry, I was back at it today. I did my favorite lift, the clean. I did a few rounds, working up in weight. I found myself planting my right foot a couple times when I went to pop under the weight (wasn’t focused). Then I got a wild hair. What exercise had I not done in a long time that would wreck me? The Curtis P. It’s just a clean, couple of lunges and a press, no big deal. Well, it did a number on the ol quads and I felt great afterwords. I wrapped up with some kettlebell swings and med-ball sit-ups.

Do work, be rad.


2 rounds

x10 squats

x10 push-ups

x10 sit-ups

2 rounds

x20 single-arm KB swings

x10 squats

x10 push-ups


x6 deadlifts

7 rounds

x1 hang muscle clean

x1 hang power clean

x1 hang clean

4 rounds

x4 Curtis P’s

x3 Curtis P’s

x3 Curtis P’s

x3 Curtis P’s

4 rounds

x10-15 KB swings

x10 med ball sit-ups

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