Do Work 20 DEC 17: 80 deadlifts

I wanted to deadlift today. I wanted to go heavy. So I did. I took the basic pyramid I used for bench the other day and applied the principle to the deadlifts. It felt great. When I tweaked my back a few years ago, I stopped trying to lift all the weight. Since then, I’ve hesitated when it comes to going heavy. I took my time today. Warm-up was good, Ke$ha was jamming, shorts were motivating and my pink sweatband was killing it. Once I was done with the heavy lifting I wrapped up with a quick deadlift/jump knee tuck circuit and some stretching. I feel it in a couple days, but it will be worth it.


2 rounds

x10 sit-ups

x10 squats

x5 inchworms

x2 barbell complex



x10 @135

x5 @185

x5 @225

x4 @275

x4 @275

x3 @295

x3 @315

x3 @315

x3 @295

x4 @275

x5 @225

3 rounds

x10 deadlifts @135

x10 jump-knee tuck

4×10 cable pull-downs

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