Do Work: All the bench press 17 DEC 17

Funny thing about plans, they are just something to deviate from. I went today, planning on working back and going heavy on deadlift. When I arrived, everyone else had similar plans. All of the lifting platforms were in use. I shifted gears and went to a power rack with a bench. It was an adjustable bench, which I generally dislike using when bench pressing. I made due and began to work. I pyramided up and down in weight. Then moved on to reps with chains on the bar. I finished up with a couple tricep exercises and core workouts. It turned out to be a solid day. Do work.

Note: Adjust the weight as needed for the bench.


3 rounds

x10 sit-ups

x10 push-ups

x10 squats

2 rounds

x10 bench press (light)


Bench press

x10 @135

x4 @185

x3 @195

x3 @205

x3 @205

x3 @195

x4 @185

x10 @135

3×10 @135 with chains

4×10 skull crushers

4×10 cable flys

3×10 tri cable pulldown

4 rounds

x15 med-ball sit-ups

x16 single arm kettlebell swing

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