Do Work: 8 DEC 17

I did some barbell work today, kinda making it up as I went. I knew I wanted to deadlift and clean, but wasn’t sure how it would pan out. I did my normal foam rolling and basic body warm-up. I then moved onto a couple rounds of barbell complex. This is one of my favorite warm-up routines. It hits the whole body with six different exercises continuously. There are various types of complexes you can do, but this one has it all. Deadlifts, bent over rows, hang-clean, front squat, push-press, and back squat. 6 reps of each and add weight as you like. Once the training was done, I rounded it out with some medicine ball sit-ups and a post workout cheeseburger. Do work.


3 rounds

x10 sit-ups

x10 squats

x10 push-ups

3 rounds

Barbell complex (increasing weight)


3 rounds

6 deadlift

10 jump knee tuck

3 rounds

10 hang clean

10 jump squat

3 rounds

6 shoulder press

10 jump lunge

3×15 med-ball sit-up

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