Do Work: 7 Dec 17

I had all the reasons not to go today. Didn’t sleep well, my knee felt funny, tired, etc. Its a good thing a scientist in a science lab used his science skills to create something to combat that. I am talking about pre-workout. I have tried a few different kinds over the years, my favorite being Super Pump. I have try C4 and N.O. Xplode, but they aren’t my jam. Right now I am using 1MR. I have used it before and it doesn’t give me the jitters. It gives me the energy to do work and be rad (see what I did there).

For today’s fun, I continued on with the circuit workout from Tuesday. This time though I added two more exercises to it, which made each round a tad longer. I also upped the weight for the barbell/landmine work (smoke checked me).


4 rounds

x10 squats

x10 sit-ups


3 rounds

x10 overhead barbell (or dumbbell) lunges

x10 slash-to-halo (or back extensions with weight)

x10 bus driver rotations (use landmine)

x10 single arm ab squat (use landmine)

x10 single arm lift and twist (use landmine)

x10 push-ups with row

x10 inverted row

x10 single arm static dumbbell curl

x15 push-ups

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