I wrote a post little over a year ago about what my goal was when it came to fitness. Not having a goal didn’t give me a direction in my workouts. Since arriving in Japan, the goal has been consistency. Doesn’t matter what I do, just do something. It could be lifting, go in a run, or 12 oz curls. As long as I do that, forward progress will be made. I’ll fine tune as I go, but I focusing on consistency is number one.

Here is where I am starting.


a.use foam roller

b.3 rounds (10 each)


-air squats



1)5 rounds

X5 bench press

X6 Y’s+L’s

2)5 rounds

X10 body-weight squats

X10 side pulls

3)3×12 dumbbell press

4)4×10 skull crushers

5)4×12 incline/decline dumbbell press

6)4×12 tri cable pulldown

7)3×10 pec-flys (machine or dumbbells)