Daily Quickie: Camp Axe

During my first summer back to the U.P. in eight years (2014), I acquired some driftwood from Lake Superior. There were several pieces ranging from a twig to a log. I have slowly been using it for wood projects here and there. I had this one piece that felt good in my hand, figured it would make a decent handle for an axe (or something). I had heard of a veteran owned business called Black Guard Customs out of Texas. After an exchange of emails, I sent the piece of driftwood south, so they could look at it. Once he had looked at the piece, I received a call from the owner himself. His name is Liam and he is a former Marine. We talked about my vision for an axe, something to represent the millionaire and to pass on to future generations. Since it was a custom piece, I wasn’t expecting it any time soon. A couple months later, it arrived in the mail. I was blown away by the detail and craftsmanship, and could not wait to put it to use. I took it I to the backyard, found some scrap wood and let her rip. A few moments later, I had two pieces of scrap wood. I have since had a local leather worker wrap the handle, and I will use another piece of driftwood to display it on. Who knows when I’ll get around to that.

The original.

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