Daily Quickie: One Batch, Two Batch.

The past few days I’ve spent my free time watching the recently dropped Punisher: season 1 on the Netflix. Figure I would drop my thoughts on the first season.

Before watching the season, I expected it to be a “slow burn” with a un-hurried beginning and an exciting finish. Punisher delivered. I liked the character development and how they all played a part. Netflix has kept the Marvel series pretty grounded and simple. There is nothing simpler than a guy wrecked my house against those who wronged him and others. John Bernthal was a great choice as the Punisher. He has a certain grit that plays well for the character. As far as comic book accuracy, I have no knowledge in that. As a kid I knew of the character and where he came from, but never read his comic (I was an X-Men kid and grew up watching the 90’s cartoon). I was glad the way the villain’s story told and wasn’t a one and done.

I have read about how frustrating the portrayal of veterans was. It’s Hollywood. They are never going to get it 100% accurate. The problem is how people take some these representations as gospel of the community. It’s fake, realize it.

In my professional non-TV-critic opinion, I give the series and overall A. Good story telling and plenty of the Punisher doing work.

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