Sour Patch Kid

If you would have told me two years ago that I would be remarried with two kids, I would have said you’re full of shit. I wanted to live a few more years on my own and not tied down to a single person.  I had focused on doing activities away from my house, hanging out with some good buddies, and learning where I wanted to go in life.  This plan obviously didn’t go the way I wanted it too, but I wouldn’t change anything that has happened instead.

My daughter’s birthday is tomorrow.  She will be turning four and going on thirty.  When I came home from work on Wednesday, she handed me a picture she had drawn.  It was of the two of us, separated by a tree. I was orange and she was red, wearing a dress.  If there is one thing that will turn me into a big ol sap, its stuff like that.

I first met Kash when she was two.  I was at Krissi’s house when Kash walked up to me with three books.  She asked me which one I would like to read. I chose one, said thank you and she took the other two back to the shelf.  She then sat down next to me and asked me to read it to her. “What just happened?” I asked myself. Here I was thinking she was giving me a book, just to give me a book from the kindness of heart. This was not the case. A two year old had successfully tricked me into reading a book to her.  I was amazed at her to the point, yet disguised trickery.  And her skill at being a stinker has increased with age.

For instance, let’s talk about how much she loves my watch.  I think kids in general are enamored with any type jewelry or accessory that goes around your neck or wrists. When Kash would sit next to me on the couch, she would begin to tinker with my watch. Taking it off, learning how it straps on and attempting to put it back on my wrist.  One day after I had taken my watch off, Kash got a hold of it (unbeknownst to me) and played with it.  Later that week, I asked Krissi if she had seen my watch. It had been a couple days and I felt naked.  She told me no, and we discussed maybe Kash had played with and put it somewhere.  That evening, Kash went over her bookcase, dug around behind some books and pulled out an object.  She then turned to me and said, “You looking for disss?” She was dangling my watch in the air, with a sneaky grin on her face. I looked at her, looked at Krissi, then back at her in disbelief. She strolled my way and gave my watch back to me, giggling about how she had hid it from me.  All I could tell her was “Well played little one, well played.”  There have aIMG_1770lso been times I’ve woken up in the morning (after she has snuck into our bedroom in the middle of the night) without my watch on and it was next to me strapped up (as in she took it off while I was sleeping and played with it) instead of on my wrist.
Lately, she has been hiding trinkets and clothes (both hers and her brother’s) in my Nanny’s cabinet I inherited a few years ago.  My wife discovered this while cleaning the dining room (where the cabinet is located) and discovering a bunch of clean underwear and some pants.  One day we even found it taped shut with scotch tape because she didn’t want any monsters to steal anything from it (if that isn’t adorable, I don’t know what is).

I am grateful that she is a part of my life. She is my little helper in the garage, in the yard, and around the house.  She has figured out how to use a hammer, wrangle a chicken, crack two eggs at a time, and eat dirt. What she lacks in size is made up in personality and intelligence. There are times in which she cracks me up and those where she drives me crazy. She is the most dramatic and the sweetest kid in the room. She is Krissi’s and my sour patch kid. She is Kash.

Do work, be rad


Note: I sometimes say or write things to get my wife to cry (in a good way). She proof read this for me and teared up. Mission accomplished and love ya babe.

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