More Thoughts from an Uneducated White Male

Over the past few days, I have read and heard a lot of misguided anger and frustration. It usually stems from misinformation and/or not wanting to believe the facts (because the facts may prove that they are wrong).  The ignorance displayed has been laughable and frustrating. Laughable because it blows my mind what is going on and the coverage it receives. Frustrating because most of it is based on a false narrative and alternative facts. It is also starting to become ridiculous, but I guess that is the internets for ya (trolls everywhere). There were a lot of random notes that went into this post. Some were rants of frustration. Others were about how to move past this and work for a common goal.  When it comes to writing about topics people get in a tizzy over, I like to have perspective. This topic forced me to do some research and read from different points of view. It was a very aggravating to read views from people who probably need a good kick in the ass, but I did my best to understand what they were writing.

Since Donald J Trump was inaugurated, everyone seems to be upset and angry about everything (generalization based on the news reports and keyboard warriors on facespace).  “Mansplaining!” “He is banning muslims!” “He is Hitler!” “Libtards are dumb!” “Trump train, choo choo!” Those are just a few of the many phrases I have seen. This is what it sounds like to me:

Rabble rabble rabble rabble. RABBLE!

Outrage everywhere! What are we mad about this week? I see the term fascist, Nazi, white-supremacist thrown around a lot and I’m sure the people using those terms don’t quite understand and are reacting out of emotion. Labels have become a huge part of the political landscape. I’m not a fan of them. They are misused on both sides of the spectrum. Shut-up, slow down and learn something about what you’re going to be mad about. You might discover it ain’t that serious (shit that is) or your anger is completely misguided. People are out to prove that other opinions and views don’t matter and they have the moral high ground.  Because someone claims the moral high ground doesn’t mean they are right. Morality is a broad concept. My personal morals are different from my neighbor’s which are different from the guy down the street. It’s all about what you base them in.

For instance, the Dakota access pipeline. In the beginning, it was a fight against “the man” and “evil oil” because it crossed Indian land without the proper permissions (that is what memes reported anyway). It was later reported that it didn’t cut across the land and turned into a potential contamination of drinking water. Hundreds of civilians and veterans flocked to help protest. Most of them were duped for a phony cause. What did the whole protest stem from (my opinion based on reading a few different view points)? Money. Any big stink is usually caused by money and someone not getting a cut. There are those who want to jump on a cause because it’s the moral thing to do. Just because you think it is morally right doesn’t mean it is. And then there are those who would claim solidarity with a cause. It is bullshit to me. I relate it to raising awareness. What does it help?

Concerning the “Muslim ban,” I don’t have any issues with it. Is not directed towards muslims, and it’s not a ban. It’s a suspension to reassess the vetting process. Yes, there is confusing language regarding green card holders and it led to mishandled enforcement. When I watched people protesting these detentions at the airport, I was curious why. I read the order vs what was being reported, and concluded they didn’t know the whole story. They heard or saw “Muslim ban” and lost their minds (or they were paid to protest). I had the same reaction to the women’s march. They were marching on Washington to equal rights. Exactly what rights do women not have? Gender pay gap? After listening to the celebrity spokespeople, it just seemed like a big tantrum against Trump. I didn’t take it seriously. The way protests are going now-a-days, it’s seems to be a flavor of the week. It’s a way to grab attention and have the loudest voice.

It hasn’t even been a month yet and some are acting as if the world is coming to an end. When you take feelings and emotion out of it, Trump is making (mostly) rational moves for the betterment of America. His tact leaves a lot to be desired and he could probably use twitter less (it seems to stir up unneeded controversy). But that’s who he is. The only thing we should expect him to do is succeed. If you are hoping he doesn’t, then you are hoping America doesn’t. If love trumped hate, those who opposed Trump would give him a chance.

I guess what I’m trying to say in all of this is chill out. We live in the freest nation on the planet and it upsets those who want to be in control. It’s not worth it to constantly get angry. And it doesn’t help if you don’t understand why you are. Have a voice. Don’t be immediately offended by someone else’s. Listen to and have a discussion. That’s how you get past all this rhetoric. The way topics are being talked about are very argumentative and based on alternative facts (what are those). When you begin to name call and preach falsehoods though, expect to be treated as if you’re an idiot because you most likely are. And for fucks sake, read and understand before you speak and make yourself look like an asshole (I’m guilty as well). I will leave you with some words from a close childhood friend, who was more of an older brother to me in my high school years. It is something he wrote about the government wanting to sell off Federal land. (My daughter also chimed in on the matter.)

Do work, be rad



“Everyone is so pissed about stuff.  Mostly it seems they are pissed about things they don’t really understand because they haven’t actually read the item they are pissed about.  It seems everyone just wants to be mad and now has a common target.

While everyone is pissed about stuff they are being told to be pissed about, they are missing this.

They want to take away Federal land.  That is land that you and I own.  You and I can hunt and fish and camp and hike and enjoy the wilderness, wildlife and scenery on.

Sell it off for profit and watch it turn in to subdivisions and god knows what.

Be pissed about stuff you understand, not stuff you are told from someone who says they understand.  And, if you are going to be pissed anyway, be pissed about this.”

Adrian York.


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