The Whirlwind of Life: Playing Hooky

This is part 3 or the Whirlwind of Life series. I guess I could come up with another name than the whirlwind of life, it sounds cheesy to me. Anyway…


The New Year is off to an interesting start. I can’t discuss most of it because nothing is solid, but it sure is exciting. Don’t worry; I’ll talk about it all eventually (if it comes to fruition and stuff).  We started off the year with some snow days. It was cool to see a change of pace in the weather. My house wasn’t a fan of the cold, it’s old and drafty.  The cold air was too much for the central heat system, so we spent a couple days with some extra layers of socks on.  Kash had some fun sledding and playing in the snow. The day it all came down, my neighbor and I dragged our daughters around on his sled. The next day, the wife took her to a golf course where they did some hill sledding. I stayed home with Hot Rod and drank coffee while he was rolling around the living room. He begins to almost crawl and then he just plops down and rolls everywhere. It’s quite comical.

This week’s post is a special one. It’s all about playing hooky (or hookey) from work. “What’s so special about playing hooky?” you ask.  First of all it is a term that was first published in the Dictionary of Americanisms (1848) by John Bartlett (it’s as American as apple pie). It’s had a few different meanings from stealing to truancy.  The main definition I’m associating it with is an “unjustifiable absence from school, work, etc.” The first time I remember hearing the term was in on either the Adventures of Tom Sawyer or Huckleberry Finn (it’s been a while since I read those). Both are great books by Mark Twain (as if you didn’t already know that). Second of all, I’ve made some awesome memories doing it. I’ve played hooky a few times in my day. I once left work early to enjoy some AAA baseball with a couple buddies before we split up to our different duty stations. I got a wicked sunburn that day and was for sure I was going to get pinched because of it.  The last time I played hooky, is a top five for best day ever.  It was the day I got married to some broad who I now call wife.  It started off like any other day for me, waking up and sipping on some coffee before I started my day. We had a baby appointment that morning; it was just going to be a regular checkup.  When we arrived at the docs office, they were closed. This was frustrating. It was the second time we showed up for an appointment and the office was closed without warning (or it was the first time, but I won’t bog this down with details). I should have gone to work after this (it was only 9 AM), but decided to kick it with the future Mrs. (played hooky)

Note: Up until this point in our relationship, we had talked about when we wanted to get married. There was talk it was going to happen after our son was born and we were settled in back at our house.  We had also discussed doing it in the next few weeks to simplify everything and picking up a marriage license was on the agenda for the week. One point we initially agreed on was waiting until we were ready, not because there was a bun in the oven.

Well, we were ready that day.  On our adventure of shenanigans (seemed like a good word there), we decided to stop by the courthouse and get the marriage license.  We had time before it would expire, but didn’t really know when it would happen. I guess we both went there with the assumption we wanted to tie the knot, but didn’t want to admit it to one another.  While filling out all the paperwork, the excitement began to mount. I had been down this road before, she had not. Even though I had been there, it still felt new and different.  While paying for the paperwork, the lady at the front desk was going over all the stipulations and when it expires. I looked at Krissi and said “Why don’t we just do it now? We are here already.”  The front desk lady called back into the office, another lady came out and escorted us into her office and performed the ceremony.  It was simple and perfect. There wasn’t any drama associated with venue or food and no self-centered family member making a scene.  We called my dad afterwords and his response was “sounds like something I would have done.”  We then proceeded to do boring paperwork stuff to update her last name and ID cards. We called other family members and told them the news (they were excited of course), and it continues to become more boring after that. After congratulating us, Krissi’s mom said something that made me chuckle, “I can finally tell your grandmother you aren’t living in sin.” It took the cake. It’s up there when I called my brother to let him know he was going to be an uncle. He responded with “Is Addi (our sis) pregnant?” I told him that was the best answer I had heard to any question in a while. (for the record she wasn’t)

Playing hooky is usually frowned upon by those with sticks up their butts, but I encourage people to do it at least once. Don’t make it a habit, because then you could lose your job, be put out in the street and end up having to sell your body to get by.  No one has time for that. Make it worth your while. Do it for a good friend leaving the area, getting married or just to go fishing (like Tom Sawyer or Huck Finn).  Make sure you get a good story from it and relax. It’s not the end of the world.


Do Work, Be Rad


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