Stuck in a Rut

Snowmaggedon is inbound where I live. Everyone has been buying bread and milk, and my wife bought me a bottle of Jefferson’s Bourbon Whiskey (she knows what makes me tick). It is quite tasty and smooth. I have been stuck in a rut when it comes to ideas or topics I want to write about. I have read a few different articles that have fired me up, providing motivation to expound upon my thoughts there. After a few moments of digesting the topic, I come down off my high and become more level-headed about my response.  That’s how it usually goes for me.  I see, hear or read something that infuriates me, in which I want to fly off the handle about (sometimes I do).

Choosing an event or topic to write about weekly has been the most difficult part of this whole endeavor. I have a wife, two kids, a house, day job and a small little operation called Rustic and Rye. Everything has a priority level.  Family and Job come first, then it’s everything else. Family and job are equal in my book.  They go hand in hand. One provides for and the other is motivation to provide. Having a strong family makes it easier to focus on the job at hand. The worst thing you can do is be distracted at work. Although sometimes work can be a good distraction from you family (it all depends).

My daily life is pretty simple. I wake up, go to work, come home spend time with the family, and work on other stuff when it’s important. My wife is a bartender, so usually I’m home by myself with the kids in the evening time up to when they go to bed. Learning to become creative with how time is managed has become a goal.  Before Lincoln was born, it was simple to have Kash tag along with me when I would work in the yard or garage. She could walk and understood basic phrases like “if you keep doing that you’ll hurt yourself” or “you can’t live in the chicken coop with the chickens.” Once Lincoln was born, it was a major adjustment.  Priorities shifted, and tasks shifted to the back burner. Learning to raise two kids vs. one isn’t easy. It was overwhelming at times (more than not), but you get used to it. Now that he is older, it’s a bit easier. He interacts with his sister and she enjoys playing with him. I am able to put on a movie and walk out of the room (mainly out into the garage where I can work on projects) for a bit and check on him periodically.  On nice days, I have put him in his chair and brought him out to the garage where I am working. He likes the sound of power tools. For you busy bodies out there that would prefer to roast someone over their parenting skills because it’s not your way, don’t worry he wore safety glasses and hearing protection while operating power tools.

Kash is a different animal when it comes to hanging out while I am working (or cooking and cleaning for that matter). She enjoys helping with whatever it may be. If I am cooking, she wants to be right there helping.  I’ll let her crack eggs and mix them in a bowl, make pancake mix and even cut up peppers with a butter knife. She has a stool for the kitchen and even enjoys washing dishes. It probably won’t last long, but I’ll take it.  When I am outside with her, we usually change out the bedding in the chicken coop and freshen the water together. She is perfect for both. After I clean out the poopy bedding, I place her in the coop to distribute the new bedding. I usually have to drag her out of the yard when it’s all said and done. The tool set she received for Christmas has already been paying off.  Anytime she watches me go into the garage or do work around the house, she wrangles her bag onto her shoulder and follows me (the bag is probably as heavy as she is). I gave her a nail and some scrap wood the other day. I’ll be damned, but she hammered the nail in like it wasn’t a big deal (I was rather surprised, she is only 3).

While my wife is #1, my kids are a close 2. If it wasn’t for #1, there wouldn’t be #2 or 3 and maybe even a number 4 down the road (who knows?). I seem to find myself talking about my kids more and more. They are like a live-in comedy show with the things they say and do. I watched Kash one day walk into the kitchen like a robot saying “Robot. Robot. Robot.” Shit was hilarious and I have no idea where she came up with it. Lincoln is still in the adorable phase and he knows it. He has a special look he gives the ladies and they eat it right up. I have my hands full, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Well would you look at that, I pulled something out of my ass after not knowing what to write about. Have a good weekend and stay warm.

Do work, be rad


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