Everyone is Asleep Right Now


I hope everyone had the merriest of Christmas’ and the happiest of New Years. It’s the final day before I return to my daily grind.  The past few weeks have been busy. Built a workbench for my table saw and router table to mount to, named her Gertrude. I tried my hand at trimming out my downstairs bathroom, turned out not too shabby. Then of course there was Christmas and the associated festivities.  I kept up with writing, just decided not to publish any. The wife and Lincoln are crashed out in the living room on our comfy new couch watching Daddy Day Care (where did you go Eddie Murphy?). It’s been a lazy Monday, filled with coffee, movies and now some rum.  I am sippin on some Leadslingers Black Flag Rum (Christmas present from my bro). It’s a spiced rum you can drink straight. There aren’t a lot you can do that with. Don’t really know where I’ll end up at the end of this one, but here we go!


This was a special Christmas for me. It was the first one with my family of 4 in our house that we have been settling into for the past 6 months or so. I bought 2 giant inflatables (for 60% off) for the front yard (9’ tall Stuart Minion and 10’ tall Snoopy) and put up some icicle lights. The minion would blow a fuse anytime the wind blew (replacing it became a pain in the ass), but it was better than it not working at all.  I went looking for the other minion inflatables, but couldn’t find them on sale. I ended up buying the Kevin minion online for cheap after all the Christmas decorations went on sale.  That really is the best time to get new decorations, even though you won’t be able to use them until the next Christmas. Krissi took care of the inside decorations, while I was in charge of the outside. We bought Kash an advent calendar from LEGO, she enjoyed opening a prize every day up until Christmas.

The best surprise we received was my parents showing up out of nowhere. My sister had scheduled to come by Christmas Eve for gifts and a visit. When the door was answered, there was GramB and Grumps. Kash lost her mind, Krissi lost her mind, and I just chuckled and said well-played. We had wanted to surprise my parents for Thanksgiving, but due to issues out of our control, we were unable to. After we told my parents what had happened, they flipped the script on us.  They brought all the gifts (it seemed) and were able to stay for the week. It was pretty awesome. After everything calmed down, we opened the gifts from my sister. She got Krissi and Kash art supplies, Lincoln a Melissa & Doug Safari Truck, and myself a Black Rifle coffee mug.

As Christmas morning came, so did a family tradition. As a child, my parents would make us kids wait at the end of the hall Christmas morning. They would get ready, make coffee, and take general pleasure in making us suffer. We had to make our beds and get dressed before they would even think about letting us open gifts. Krissi and I carried that into this Christmas with Kash and Lincoln. It was nice. We took our time getting ready, Krissi put her face on and did her hair while I made some coffee and ensured we were good to go downstairs. Kash was not having it. Watching a three-year-old whine about stuff (at the top of the stairs) like this makes me chuckle. Lincoln just played with stuffed animals in his crib, he didn’t care.  Once my parents arrived, we had Kash come down and proceeded to open gifts. I got Kash a tool set (legit tools) so she can help me in the garage and around the house. She was real stoked about that. The pie face game came from Santa. We tested it out later, I lost. Lincoln got a giant rubber duck for the tub and Krissi got some perfume (I was sneaky and bought it right in front of her). After the gift opening, we ate some German apple pancakes for breakfast. This was something my dad cooked every year for Christmas breakfast. He walked me though the process of cutting apples and putting ingredients into the Kitchen Aide mixer.  We had Krissi’s mom and brother come over during breakfast, and more gifts followed. Then we had Krissi’s grandparents over for a bit, and finally things began to settle down. Well until later when we had our little friends and family party, or what I called the Clemdog Manor Christmas. We had food, drinks and a fire. It was a good end to Christmas day.

The rest of the week we spent time with GramB and Grumps, well more they spent time with the grandkids. That’s the real reason they came, ha. My dad did some painting and GramB made some cookies with Kash.  They took the kiddos on a couple walks when the weather was nice. It gave mom and I some The dishes and laundry seemed to do itself while they were here (I think my parents pay little people to follow them around and clean up).  I finished a bookshelf for the living room (with help from my dad) and have another project already lined up. Stayed up late on New Year’s Eve with the family, the kids had passed out by 10.  My parents rolled out about 6 hours later (on New Year’s Day) back to Texas. It was good having them here and we miss them already. It was really the perfect end to 2016.  Sounds like my son has awoken from his slumber.


Do work, be rad


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