Pizza for Breakfast

Hockey Game, Admirals style.


Shit ain’t that serious or SATS. I wish I could take credit for that term, but I first heard from a good buddy of mine I served at Riverine Squadron One with.  A cleaner version would be don’t sweat the small stuff, because it’s all small stuff (learned that one from my dad).  SATS is more to the point.


Note: You will see terms that you may think are spelled wrong. Don’t worry they are.


During the Veterans Day weekend, the wife took a road trip up to West Virginia to see her dad. That left me at home with kid duty. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not as dire as Hollywood likes to make it.  Maybe years of military training prepared me or others are just a bunch of bitches.  Either way, we were OK.  It started with a very upset little girl crying, screaming “Mommy!”  A quick distraction with the Batman cartoon and nuggle time, and she was back to being that sour patch kid I know and love.  We had to make a run to Target, Lincoln was low on diapers.  We loaded up in the pick-em-up truck and rolled over to my favorite place that lets you choose what bathroom you want to use depending on how you identify yourself (who needs science anyway?).  While we are cruising through there, Kash wanted to help push the stroller.  She has the independence of a 30-year-old.  She did ok, but crashed a couple times. Don’t worry, Lincoln was fine. A little rattled, but fine.  Once we found the diapers, I had a sweet idea. We cruised through the toy isle (Lego to be specific) and snuck a Lego set into the stroller. She has a set of the Duplo’s at home, but she is mature enough to handle the little ones (she isn’t a baby, so she tells me).  I always look for ways to be active with her inside the house.  Sometimes it’s helping me do chores, giving her the materials to draw and color, or she entertains herself. Today, we were going to build a Lego set together.  It shows how to follow directions, use her little hands, and work on fighting through challenges.  It wasn’t a freebie, there were chores at the house we to complete before we built it.  We did a few loads of laundry, cleaned her room, and tidied up the living room.  She then asked politely to open the box and build it (she sounds perfect huh?).  We brought Lincoln into the dining room and began to tackle her new Lego set.  I would allow her to find the pieces and attempt to put them together.  I helped out quite a bit in the finding pieces and attaching some small pieces.  We had some fly across the room and roll of the table, but we figured it out.  And just as we had finished, there was a knock at the door.


I had forgot to mention that I was taking Kash to her very first Hockey game! Auntie Addi had come over to watch the little fella while Kash and I kicked at the game.  I had told her all week we were headed there and she was stoked.  We loaded up and rolled out. We sat behind the opposing team’s penalty box (it’s the best spot because of the hecklers) and commenced to watching violence on ice.  We had some pizza, got drunk on water and partook in the chuck-a-puck festivities during the 2nd intermission.  She tried to throw a puck over the glass, but it fell short.  Got to work on that arm strength.  The dance cam song was terrible, I wouldn’t even dance to it after a few drinks.  We took a walk around the arena, grabbed some popcorn, and sat back down.  About five minutes later she crawled in my lap and fell asleep during the final minutes of the game.  While she isn’t heavy for an almost 4-year-old (29 lbs), she was heavy on the walk back to the truck.  Swapping carrying arms didn’t faze her, the cold didn’t faze her, nor did the shuffle to load her into the truck. She was donzo.  She did good.  She didn’t give me any grief, asked questions about what was going on and stood for the National Anthem (I ain’t raising no Colin Kapernick).  By the time we made it home and I put her in bed, Lincoln was beginning to rustle around because he was hungry.  It’s awesome not getting much sleep, ha!


The next morning was the part I was dreading the most, dance class.  I wasn’t so much dreading dance class, just putting Kash’s hair up for dance class (I have done pony tails in the past, they failed horribly).  I managed to get her all ready for class, Lincoln chilled in his pajamas and we off we went. While we were there, Lincoln did his normal flirt-with-the-ladies routine while Kash did her dance thing in the other room.  The dance mom talk gave me a chuckle (I am sure things I am passionate about make others chuckle) and they ate up ol’ Hot Rod when I pulled him out of his car seat. The dance moms were great though.  When it was time to change her shoes, they took care of Kash. After class we pilaxed the rest of the day and had a pizza party (it’s something I do with Kash every couple of weeks or so and Ninja Turtles are always involved).  Kids went to Maw-maw’s in the evening while I got some quality time with the sis.


The next morning, we awoke to Lincoln talking (it’s more like grunting and hooting) and wanting to get the day started. Kash rolled out of bed in a mood. I am sure she was hangry; she usually is in the morning.  Think of how you act before

They didn’t want their picture taken.

and after morning coffee, she is like that.  She wanted pancakes (we had pancakes on Saturday and she made a small mess with syrup, it was hilarious), I told her no we had them yesterday. I then had the best idea ever, leftover pizza!  I asked her, “What is the one thing you always ask to have for breakfast and I tell you no?”  She said (without missing a beat), “PIZZA!” And with that, a small dream of hers came true. We grabbed a slice, nuked it, and then she devoured it (usually she just eats the crust and refers to it as a pizza bone).  It truly made her day.  We prepared the house for Mom’s arrival from her trip.  We put away the rest of the laundry, did a quick vacuum, and began to wait patiently (sort of).  The jeep came roaring into the driveway and Kash’s face lit up like a redneck in a Copenhagen Factory. It was good to have her home.


Life throws and array of situations at you. Some are manageable, others are overwhelming.  A three and 5 month old can be a lot to deal with. But if you just focus on what you need to, the distractions that accompany it (crying, complaining, etc in my case) will fade.  Your perspective you have is a big part of it. It’s all small stuff. And at the end of the day shit really isn’t’ that serious and you just need to have pizza for breakfast.


Do work, be rad


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