Just the Thoughts of an Uneducated White Male

It’s Veterans Day. I enjoyed my cup of freedom this morning (coffee and whiskey) along with some fresh eggs and bacon. The wife is driving to West Virginia to visit her father and I am home with the kiddos. I am taking Kash to a hockey game tonight, then dance class Saturday morning (I’m mostly worried about doing her hair). Pray for me.


I have been reading articles and watching live feeds since Tuesday. I am amazed by what is happening. Everyone is in post-election disbelief. Donald J. Trump is our President-elect.  I didn’t think it would happen, I had already accepted the fact that Hillary Clinton would win.  I am somewhat in-different to the results, both have their character flaws.  Over the past 10 years, my political views have evolved.  I used to be a staunch conservative, not really understanding why I believed what I did.  All I knew is it made sense. I never really ventured into defending what I thought and would get frustrated when I couldn’t get my point across.  Articulate speaking is not a strong point of mine, but I do have my moments.  As far as where my views lie today, I still lean conservative, but have realized that less is more.  Especially in government.  I guess if I was to identify with a party, it would be libertarian.  I am not a fan of the government dictating aspects of my life (I chuckle about this because I am in the military, gotta love irony).  This post started with an email conversation I was having with my dad.  I have always valued his opinion (this may become a reoccurring statement). Not just because he is my dad, but because he listens with an open mind.  I have poured myself a glass of Johnny Walker Black (it has a smokey flavor to it) and I am ready to tackle this article.

Two things I learned when I was a child:

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”

“Life isn’t fair”

(I will be coming back to these)

I have been reading post-election post from all over my news feed.  Some are people accepting the results and carrying on with their lives. Others are expressing frustration with the results.  And then you have those who are jumping for joy (there are also those who just seem to enjoy posting memes and hilarious video mashups, god bless the internet).  I am curious to see what Trump does. I read his contract with the American people; he has common sense goals that I hope come to fruition. Deregulate business, lower and simplify taxes, and repeal Obamacare to name a few. I will be skeptic of him (you should always hold some skepticism towards anyone in office, otherwise you will be blind to their actions), he has a lot of proving to do. He is an articulate and intelligent man, although from his campaign you wouldn’t know that. He is the anti-politically correct. I enjoyed watching the disdain and frustration on the media’s faces.  I was laughing in disbelief thinking, “This son of a bitch is going to pull it off!”  The commentators looked defeated. I am a yuuge fan of the upset. The media had an all-out blitz on Trump and the people shoved it right back in their faces. This is the type of “revolution” (not in the sense of over-throwing a government) I had talked to my dad about years ago. People were going to get fed up with the federal government and the way it conducted business.  The silent majority was tired of being manipulated by the powers that be.  Most people just want to live their lives and don’t want to be bothered, especially by the government.  It’s in our American blood to not want to be told what to do.  Damn, no more whiskey in my glass. Guess it’s time for a refill.

Is Trump my first choice to be president? No. But like my dad said, he is a builder. He isn’t your career politician who has moved up the ranks.  He is an outsider, and that scared the establishment. Republicans and Democrats alike speak the same language called money. There are some good apples, but not enough to outweigh the bad.  He will bring a new perspective to the office. With the birth of social media and the prominence it has taken in our culture, I don’t foresee the landscape of the election changing. It was a pain and the ass. Everyone wants to be part of everyone’s business. Extremists on both sides will paint the opposite candidate as the devil.  People don’t want to have a conversation about ideas and become offended when they are not in line with their own.  They are given a negative label and disregarded. Views are predicted on emotion vice logic and consequences.  Granted I am generalizing and this isn’t true for everyone, but you get my point. A good thing has come out of the social media culture, transparency.  Someone, somewhere will always try and get the next viral video or picture. While the views can be bias, it forced me to dig deeper. Look at both sides of the issue.  My views haven’t changed much, but it led me to understand where.

Some of these protests and viral videos I see of people crying make me chuckle as well. I see it as a tantrum you would get from a two-year old and I generally laugh at that (it’s better than getting frustrated about it). The world isn’t ending (it wouldn’t have if Hillary was elected either), and the only things burning are what is in the wake of the protests and American flags.  I watched a news report about high school and college age kids going out and protesting Trump’s election. Some schools are offering passes to skip class, counseling, and cry-ins to deal with this election.  This blows my mind.  Don’t you have classes to attend (that you are paying for) to become more educated and have a broader concept of everything? Have parts of the younger generation become so weak minded (and coddled) they can’t handle defeat or a difference of opinion (sticks and stones)? They resort to name calling and threats. Where does that get you or anyone? It just makes you look foolish and foolish people are not taken seriously.  Now I know why the old man down the street is always grumpy and saying “back in my day” while shaking his cane at you.

Just nut up and keep on keepin’ on. That’s all you can do.  Understand that things will not always go your way (life isn’t fair).  I wasn’t a fan of Obama’s policies or handling of certain situations, but I didn’t lose any sleep over it.  I still had a responsibility to my family and country. If you just focus on your swim lane and stop worrying about everyone elses, you’ll be just fine. Then again, this is just the rant of an uneducated white male. What do I know.


Do work, be rad



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