We Started a Business

This Saturday (tomorrow), my wife and I are taking part in a craft show. We came up with this idea called rustic and rye a year and a half ago. We started making stuff out of reclaimed lumber and goods. Blah blah blah…

My mind is a racetrack right now with countless race cars vying for 1st place.  My wife and I have a craft show to prepare for (our first one ever), I have a daily job, I am writing this, and there are projects around the house that need to be done.  There is a possibility of transferring out of the area for work (like across the US) and with that a whole new mess of tasks and issues will come. At this very moment, I am starting to slow down, the writing is soothing. It’s helping me to focus on what comes first then second and so on.  Let’s get back to the action.

Our daughter’s school has a Fall Festival every year and we decided to make it our first crack at the craft show life.  It was a small fee to reserve a space and forced us to prepare for the show.  It’s been stressful and nerve racking, but none the less, we are making something happen.  I like to look big picture and down the road, and sometimes lose sight of what is in front of me.  That is where my wife comes in.  She reels me back (sometimes the forward thinking can be stressful) course corrects me and I get back to it. You should always be thinking of new ideas, but don’t forget what you have to do to keep moving forward that day.

This has been a big week for the wife and me. we had our logo put on some t-shirts and they arrived wednesday from Wisconson.  My cousin and her husband own a small screen printing company and got us started. Needless to say we are excited to do more business with them.  Yesterday (Thursday) we picked up our business lisence and banner. The stress level is down.  We have a few projects to wrap up, go over our checklist of supplies to bring, and hopefully have time for a breather before we rock and roll tomorrow morning. This is a new experience for us, a big step in figuring out what we want to be when we grow up.  We may show up tomorrow and not sell a single item, or we might sell them all and have to take orders.  Who knows.  I’ll probably be up most of the night working, ensuring we are good to go. With it just being the kids and me in the evenings presents a challenge.  I am not so much worried about Kash, but Lincoln is just 5 months old. I could have him in the garage with us, but my time would be split and wouldnt really be able to get in a groove. So, I will wait until they are in bed or their aunt arrives to hang with them. I would love to continue rambling, but there is late night carpentry and whiskey calling my name.  Should be a good night.

Do work, be rad


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