The Whirlwind of Life: The Season

I've been settling into this whole writing a daily blog routine.  I missed a week (I think) and I have tried to keep it fresh by adding workouts I do in the gym.  I didn't know what I was going to write about this week, so I looked at some past topics I had expounded upon and found this.  It wasn't finished, but I knew what I wanted to say. Usually I'm at work or driving when I have these random thoughts or topics come to mind.  It's a Friday night, Krissi and Kash upstaris watching Transylvania, Lincoln is sipping on a bottle and I am listening to the ringing in my ear. We took Kash trick or treating today at the local Safety Town mock up they use for our police department.  It was neat and filled with hundreds of kids and their parents. She got some candy and we rolled out.  There was a haunted house, but the line was wrapped around the outside fence.  Lincoln chilled mostly, chewing on his Elmo toy and giving us strange looks.  Once we got home is was baths and story time with Kash. her imagination runs wild and the stories are epic. She also never seems to have an ending unless you say something. Anyway, read what's below before I continue to endlessly ramble.

This is part two of my little tale on how my wife came into my life and changed it forever. (It’s still surreal)

My wife and I had been hanging out for a couple months by the time I took a vacation to the U.P. to visit family for the 4th of July.  She stayed back in Portsmouth while I loaded up the truck and my sister’s dog (she would fly to Chicago to meet me) and headed out on the road.   It ended up being a good trip.  I didn’t kill my sister’s dog, got to shoot some tannerite and drank some delicious beer.  I loaded the truck up with some local brews and road tripped it back with the sis. (While she was driving she almost slammed into a toll both…)

Once I arrived home, my wife and I went to the diner (it was 7AM when I got back) and just chilled the rest of the day.  It was mid-July at this point.  We continued to work on our small-business idea (later topic) and get to know each other.  On August 5th, I found out I had been selected for Chief in the US Navy.  I didn’t expect to be selected, but there I was.  I came home and told her about it, she was pumped for me.  I would spend the next 6 weeks going through training to learn about what it means to be a Chief.  On August 16th, a Sunday, we were driving back from the store after picking up some items I needed for the next week.  I won’t forget this moment for the rest of my life.  We were on Greenwood Drive traveling north, when we saw a house on fire on the southbound side of the road. It had just happened. There were zero emergency crews on station and we did not hear sirens.  I immediately turned around and parked in front of the house next door.  There was a car parked in front of me with a screaming woman who was concerned about her family who lived in the house.  I hopped out of my truck, spoke to her for a second and made my way around to the backside of the house.  The heat was intense, as I ran by.  So many thoughts were rushing through my mind. “Do I go in?” “Would I be effective going in to help?” ” I’m going to lose all my leg hair.” (I was wearing shorts, t-shirt and flip flops, I was very exposed to the elements) Once I made it to the backyard, I saw three gentlemen standing there. One was hysterically crying, one was on the phone and the other was sitting down in disbelief.  “Is everyone out of the house?” I asked.  The guy on the phone gave me thumbs up, and my level of stress immediately went down. Everyone was physically unharmed and the house could be rebuilt.  As I came around the front of the house a police officer showed up, took charge of the scene and began to get traffic situated. A minute later, the fire department showed up and started doing work.  I went back to my truck and went on about my business.  After we got home, I started coming down off the high I had just experienced.  I have never been a real emotional person when it comes to certain life events.  I don’t trust my emotions and have been misled by them many times.  I broke down, crying my eyes out and embracing my wife.  It was at that moment I knew I loved her and she knew she loved me.  Funny how these things happen.  After our embrace, I finished packing for the week and headed out.  I was happy.  Over the next few weeks she was awesome.  I was leaving at 5 AM and getting back around 10 PM. She made sure my clothes were good to go; I had food, and took care of other random things. She did more than I ever expected.  Once the culmination of the 6 weeks had come to a head at our pinning ceremony, I was able to celebrate with her.  We spent that Wednesday evening brewery hopping with my sister, cousin and various friends.  That Saturday, the 19th, we had our khaki ball. We partied hard. It was whiskey all night. As the ball wrapped up, I received a text from a good buddy who was in town for the evening.  So we hailed an uber, jetted back to the house to change and then met him at the bar.  We had some drinks, exchanged some stories and said our goodbyes. Then came the next day.  We both had a raging headache to remind us we weren’t as young as we thought we were.  She had to be at work around 11, so we pulled ourselves together and I dropped her off. Not a mile down the road, she texts me. “Come pick me up,” it read.  After she got it the truck, she went over how someone who is not her boss decided to tell her how to do things.  My wife doesn’t play that. She has some hood in her and instead of “getting physical” she decided to walk away and quit. “We need a pregnancy test,” she said.  I had a gut feeling at that point that things were about to change, although I didn’t realize it then.  We picked one up and surprise! As she walked out of the bathroom she threw the test at me. I was going to be a dad.  She was blown away, happy (I could see it in her eyes). She didn’t know how I was going to take it.  I was cool, and gave her a hug. We immediately called my sister and asked if she was home.  She said she was and we told her we would be right over.  The excitement started to build.  My sister was a little sketched out about the phone call and why we had rushed over. Krissi could not contain herself. Addi was looking at us funny.

“Addi, you are going to be an aunt.”

If there was a scale from one to ten for excitement, she was a 30. Screaming in joy, she jumped around, then looked at us in disbelief. We reassured her, and the excitement continued. She had enough for everyone. Once things had calmed down, we scheduled the doctor appointment and received the “qualified” conformation.  From there we told our parents and close family members.  It felt good to tell the parents.  We began to shift the focus of our life.  We were going to be a family a lot sooner than I had expected. It felt great.


Do work, be rad


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