What is the goal?

What is the goal?

I was having a conversation with one of the personal trainers this morning about a workout I had written.  She gave me her feedback, stating the volume might be a little much and asked me what the goal is.  I told her just to get back into a routine and stay disciplined. And also cut down my weight so I can have endurance and strength.  She was picking up what I was putting down, but recommended I train for something. Train for a lifting competition, endurance race, or hot dog eating contest.  Training for a goal gives you something to work towards.  For the past few years, my goal has been unclear on why I go to the gym. It used to be to stay in shape for my job.  My job isn’t as physically demanding anymore, so my reason for going to the gym shifted.  It needed to be to maintain what I had worked for.  I was also single at the time, so going to the gym was something to occupy my time.  Working to be the best you can is an unattainable goal, because you will always want to keep working at it and will never be satisfied.  Training for an event or competition has an end date, has a completion.  This can be something that you complete in your never-ending conquest to be the best you can.  So I have decided to train for something, don’t know what yet, but something. Stay tuned.

I have also included the past few days workouts.

October 14


2 rounds

x10 Dynamic side plank

x10 scorpion

x10 V-squat

x5 inchworms w/ spiderman

1 round

x2 Scarecrow

x2 Hang power snatch

x2 Overhead squat


3×3 Power Snatch

x10 Snatch balance

3 rounds

x10 heavy KB Swing

x10 Toes to bar


October 18


a.500m row


– barbell complex

– X10 weighted sit-ups



1)5 rounds

X5 deadlift

2)5 rounds

X5 shoulder press

3)3×10 one-arm dumbbell row

4)4×10 front shoulder raise


5)4×10 lat-pulldown

6)5 min jump rope (30sec on/30 sec 0ff)


October 19


500m row


Circuit x2

x10 overhead lunges

x10 hanging leg raise

x10 bus-driver rotation

x10 ab squat

x10 lift and twist

x10 push-up to row

max # inverted rows


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