4:30 AM

Since my son was born, the gym has been a low priority and a challenge to squeeze into my day.  The shift from one to two kids is quite the task. On the 11th, I woke up at 430 and made myself some time to get there and do work.  It started off with a sweet tasting smoothie (recipe below), some water and preworkout to get my head in the game.  While the workout was good to go, everything else seemed to be a challenge.  I put my keys and wallet in a lockbox, grabbed a towel and topped off my water bottle.  Once in the weight room, I noticed I didn’t have a towel anymore.  I completed my sets on the bench after a quick warm-up and retraced my steps to find my towel (I sweat a lot and they are handy).  I had dropped it by the water fountain.  Picked it up and got back to business.  I moved on through my workout having to come back to squats. Some guy used the rack for about 30 minutes, and he wasn’t willing to work-in.  All around it was a good day. I didn’t complete everything I had wanted, had to reevaluate while lifting on number of sets and reps.  It was week one day one, I wasn’t trying to break myself (yet anyway…).

Smoothie recipe:

-Some coconut milk

-a banana

-scoop of protein

-some almonds

-organic honey-squeeze for 3 seconds

-some PB2

-giant handful of greens (baby spinach/kale)

-some ice cubes


October 11 Workout:

#1 Chest/Triceps


a.500m row



-air squats

-30sec plank

c.X6 hands elevated hip raise



1)5 rounds

X5 bench press

X6 Y’s+L’s

2)5 rounds

X5 squats

X10 side pulls

3)3×12 dumbbell press

4)4×10 skull crushers

5)4×12 incline/decline dumbbell press

6)4×12 tri cable pulldown

7)3×10 pec-flys (machine or dumbbells)


October 12 Workout:


500m row



x10 squats




Use right arm first up to 5 then use left. Then switch back to right for 5-1, then left.

Kettlbell Single Arm Snatch

Kettlebell Windmill

Kettlbell Single Arm Front Squat

Kettlebell Shoulder Press

2)3 rounds

x10 leg raises

x20 half situps

x20 flutter kicks

x30sec star plank

3)500m row-sprint (burnout)

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