Mid-Week Thoughts

When I write, it has to be natural and unforced. I like to forecast topics and schedule when they will be published.  While setting a schedule has enabled me to be disciplined about when I publish, the forecasting of topics is not my jam.  There needs to be a certain passion about what I am writing, otherwise it seems forced and not genuine.  I wanted to expand on my series “The whirlwind of life” this go, but it’s not time.  There are some other topics and experiences that I will be going over and such. I have always been a million miles an hour, and most likely will keep that speed. It’s who I am. I can learn to channel that speed into something to help me slow down, and I think this is it.  I will still forecast topics; write down ideas that need to be discussed. It just may be a bit before I have enough thought and information to write it.  Note taking has been key, writing when I have a free moment or when the thought is there.  I have a bad habit of not remembering things I thought about in the beginning of the day.  I need a list, a tracker, or an assistant. Since an assistant is someone I need to feed and clothe (and could potentially play home wrecker), I use the first two.


I am presently on my lunch break at work, eating some sweet tasting leftovers (pork shoulder with spaghetti squash, sweet potatoes and bacon), listening to Frank Sinatra. I have only really begun to tap into the music of yesteryear. I have always been intrigued by it and have even purchased an album or two.  It was simple back then. You didn’t have social media, internet and TV was still a new concept.  It seems that the more we progress in technology, the more appreciation we have for the things of the past. Retro is now hip to do; bringing something from the past into mainstream. I see it daily in fashion, music style, and brand logos.

As I have progressed in years (not as many as most who would make that staement), so has my taste in music.  I have dabbled in pretty much all genres, from classical to rock and even gangster rap (is that a thing?).  I have grown to enjoy older music. Maybe I am just an old man (that’s what my wife tells me) in a young man’s world.  I still like to kick it to some slutty white girl music on occasion. You know, Kesha, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and the original: Britney Spears.  I guess it depends on what I am doing at that moment, to what I want the soundtrack to be.  When I am working on projects in the garage drinking whiskey or beer, it’s the White Stripes. When I am getting turnt up for a night out (married people can get turnt as well) I’ll throw on some 2 Chainz.  It all depends on how frogging I am feeling.  In the gym, I like to let DMX speak to me. In the car, I have begun to take a different approach, talk radio.  I thought I would never listen to talk radio, but here I am.  I have also grown my mustache back out and have croakies on my sun glasses.  I am also working on the receding hair line, teva sandals and wear short shorts (and hope to emulate the photo from above, peacock chair and all). Talk radio seems appropriate. Nowadays, talk radio is also known as a podcast and can be listened to on demand. It is quite convenient.  I can listen to the most up to date podcast or go back and listen to one I missed and the snap of a finger (or three or four, depending on download speed).  I probably sound like some old timer who is just getting with the times, but hey, I don’t care.


Do work, be rad


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