Saturday Morning

Since becoming a father, peace and quiet has come at a premium. Usually in the early morning before the kiddos are awake or at night after they have gone to bed.  Every once in a while we ship the kids to Maw Maw’s house for the night, usually for date nights. I have found the best time to sit here and write is in the morning before work, drinking coffee, and listening to my daughter call my name while she eats her oatmeal. On the weekends, a shot of whiskey usually makes it in to my coffee. It’s become a treat for me. Right now the ladies are out and about making a fuss over nothing in the backyard, the toilet just got done filling up, and the ringing in my ear isn’t overpowering what I am thinking (it can be overbearing sometimes).  The past week it rained liked it was never going to rain again, the storm just hovered over us.  I had a small lake in my backyard, the chickens were looking for high water in the run, and we found a leak in our house.  The ladies have also been on strike. They produced 5 eggs all week, between 11 chickens. Hopefully with the weather clearing up, they can get back to it. Otherwise, I’ll have to drop the hammer and make some chicken stew.  As I have been typing, my daughter has awoken, crawled onto my lap and seems to be in a pleasant mood. We will see how long this lasts, ha. She is asking me questions about he letters on the keyboard and screen. “Dad, did you make all these letters?” “Is this your coffee?” Speaking of which, I need more coffee and to cook breakfast before the beast comes out of either of us.

Do work, be rad



The flock, expecting food from the window. The lake is mostly gone, except in the fire pit. 

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