The ladies

In January a buddy of mine asked if I wanted to order some chickens with him. I said sure, why not. I had urban chickens in high school before the craze started, and enjoyed it. He ordered 12 for me, 4 Americanas (blue/pink eggs), 4 Barred Rocks (brown eggs), and 4 Black Astralops (brown eggs). They lived at his house while they were chicks and I would bring my daughter over to handle and get used to them. She enjoyed picking them up, kissing them (had to wash her mouth with soap after), and cleaning the cage when needed. When my wife and I moved back into the house I own, we bought a chicken coop. And not just any chicken coop. For starters, my wife was peticular about how it looked. She didnt want a trashy, second-hand building. It had to be legit. All I cared about was accessibility and ease of care. We found that when we check out the Home and Garden convention up in Hampton one day. The dealer gave us a deal and we took it. This coop has a tin roof, human size door, chicken door, barn type windows, and 6 nesting boxes you can access from outside. Then we built a run for them to match. We call it the Taj Mahal. All in total, it cost about $1500 for the whole shebang. And it has all been worth it. Our daughter helped me set the posts and is a big help when it comes to cleaning it and taking care of the chickens. She enjoys anything to do with them. She is always excited to check for eggs and drives them crazy by picking them up.  Because of her, we have some very friendly chickens. We let them roam the yard a few days a week, keeps them happy.  They are great for vegatable scraps, they literally will eat anything.  I have even read that giving them egg shells helps promote better eggs. A few weeks ago we added a rescue named Glen. A buddy of mine was moving overseas and needed to find a place for her, so we took her in.  She looks like an emu and has little person syndrome. After a rough week and a half, she finally settled in and I don’t have to worry about her escaping.  All in all, if you have the room for chickens, do it. It’s a neat experience for you and your little ones, and you get fresh eggs!

Do work, be rad,
She had just finished feeding them some scratch.IMG_2237The chicken whisperer


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