Where to begin…

What an end to July 4th weekend. My wife and I are relaxing in the guest bedroom, kids are upstairs asleep. She is jotting down a list of plans for our wedding celebration and I’m hammering out this paragraph drinking some Basil Haydens whiskey neat.  I have been wanting to write a blog for some time, just kept putting off the actual typing part. I’ve kept a notebook with thoughts and ideas for my post-Navy career, but that’s as far as it has ever gone.  This weekend was full of get-togethers, driving, roasting, and drinking.  I had a buddy fly in from Hawaii with his fiancé. They held an engagement party at her parents house which was in the middle of nowhere. I want to live out there. To be disconnected form the hustle of weekly work life is what I yearn for.  Met some new people and caught up with old friends.  We had a pig roast at my place Sunday, and it was delicious.  Another friend and his wife were in town for the weekend, so of course we must celebrate and drink booze.  It turned into a mini reunion made up of the guys I deployed to Iraq with, some of the guys I hadn’t seen in years. Military friends are the best. You can go years without seeing or talking to one another, but pick right where you left off as if you had seen them yesterday. While everyone was catching up, the kids were harassing the chickens, playing in the sand, and losing baseballs over the fence. Once the pig was done, friends and family stuffed their faces and continued to fill their belly’s with beer. The kids had water and juice, for the record. We had a chicken bust out of the compound and almost met her maker in the neighbor’s yard. I never realized how handy a pool net can be. We played a few games of stump (it is the best drinking game and involves a hammer and nails) as the corn hole boards were taking a beating.  As dusk settled, we fired up the fire pit and broke out some firecrackers and bottle rockets.  They weren’t anything spectacular unless you were under the age of 15.  All the littles went nuts and were amazed by the simplest of noises and colors.  Once the fireworks had been expended, I started to clean up as families started to leave. It was all totally worth it.  Today, the wife and I woke up to a kitchen and yard that weren’t destroyed and mostly clean (minus some dirty dishes and beer bottles).  We had a couple places to head to, but decided to take a lazy family day filled with movies and feeding our 6 week old son (he eats as if he hasn’t, EVER). The wife made some delicious burgers stuffed with gouda cheese and topped with salted onions and mushrooms.  That leads us back to me drinking whiskey and enjoying the illegal fireworks going off in the neighborhood. God bless America and Happy Independence Day.

Do work, be rad


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