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The Whirlwind of Life: Tangling with the Unknown

I planned on turning some notes into posts today, but that is not what happened. Instead, I let my fingertips just work magic on the keyboard. It’s been a while since I sat down and actually put a post together... Continue Reading →

A few drinks in: Don’t be a New Year’s gym douche

Most of my writing of late has either taken place at a bar or after lifting a bar (at the gym). It's been convenient and helped me to chip away at being consistent at writing or posting (to Instagram) everyday.... Continue Reading →

Do Work: My long lost friend, the Curtis P.

After a Christmas hiatus, drinks and laundry, I was back at it today. I did my favorite lift, the clean. I did a few rounds, working up in weight. I found myself planting my right foot a couple times when... Continue Reading →

A few drinks in: Rally naps and massage chairs.

Merry Christmas! When it comes to holidays, booze is a must. Especially if you have annoying in-laws around. While my family celebrates in America, I am 14 hours in the future partying with friends. After I was picked up, we... Continue Reading →

Do work: Buck Farlow

If you ask my wife, she will tell you I'm a yuge fan of t-shirts. I was pretty excited when a package from America arrived for me the other day. My wife sent out some t's and other odds that... Continue Reading →

Doing work and a few drinks in: Sumo deadlifts and Snapbacks.

I crushed my workout today, so I decided to have some celebratory drinks. I have been to my local establishment enough, I have a "usual" (Jamo and ginger). I did my ab/core circuit today. It was day two of three... Continue Reading →

Do Work 20 DEC 17: 80 deadlifts

I wanted to deadlift today. I wanted to go heavy. So I did. I took the basic pyramid I used for bench the other day and applied the principle to the deadlifts. It felt great. When I tweaked my back... Continue Reading →

Do Work: More ab circuit

After not getting it in much last week, I started of with day one of the ab circuit. I was jamming to DMX, Ke$ha, and Lil Jon. I plan on deadlifting tomorrow, and look forward to going heavy. After I... Continue Reading →

Do Work: All the bench press 17 DEC 17

Funny thing about plans, they are just something to deviate from. I went today, planning on working back and going heavy on deadlift. When I arrived, everyone else had similar plans. All of the lifting platforms were in use. I... Continue Reading →

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